The Call Of An Empty Boat

Thank you to one of our guest writers, Rachel Latham, for sharing her thoughts on what Christ needs us to bring to Him. Rachel lives in Tennessee with her husband and their 4 children. Her heart for God is evident in everything she writes.

The Call Of An Empty Boat

20140903_01aSometimes I need a lot of repetition in order for me to truly hear something. Fortunately for me, the Lord is patient and often sends me message after message until I finally “get” it. At a recent conference I attended, what I was starting to hear as whispers in my soul, became shouts from the Lord so there would be no way I could miss His message:

surrender my idea of what “it” looks like, and just take the next step

20140903_02aIt seemed in every session I attended, in every Bible verse I read, the message was the same.  That’s the kind of thing that will get your attention.  So, while my mind was busy thinking about book proposals and publisher appointments, my heart relaxed with the idea of knowing I was taking the next step, and that it was the right one. What comes of it, what “it” looks like, I am not sure yet. And that is okay.

As I was reading Luke 5 (because, you know, everything I read reinforced the same message to me), I read about the fishermen washing their nets. They had been out all night fishing and came back with an empty boat. Nothing to show for their efforts.  Along the shore was Jesus, who climbed in the boat with them and had them push out a little bit.

And there in the empty boat Jesus taught them.

20140903_03aAfter he spoke with them, he asked them to launch out deep and drop their nets.  They doubted it would be helpful, but they did it anyway and their nets were filled so much that they needed help to take it all in.

When I got to thinking about my writing, or my dreams, I realized we can do a whole lot in our own strength, but until we bring our empty boat to Jesus, we won’t ever truly be filled.  Bring the empty boat….your dreams, your desires, your needs, your prayers…and ask Jesus to meet you there, in the boat to teach you, to fill you and prepare you for when he has your launch out deep. When it is time, when it is right, Jesus will launch you deep.

And then you will be ready.


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