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Reflections on the Eclipse

By Debbie S. Williams

Isn't it just like God to create a way to bring us all together in peace and harmony. Even if just for a little while to help us lay down our bigotry, prejudices, harsh words, weapons and hatred.

He used the sun, moon and a big blue sky (every day objects) to get us to lift our eyes and look upward - to be still and once again behold His handiwork. It reminded me of how it feels Christmas Day when the earth seems to slow it's spin and the world is quieter except for choirs singing, church bells ringing, and love and laughter as it passes from heart to heart.

I wish we could remain those people we were today - the ones wearing the special glasses that allowed us to focus on something besides ourselves, to see the beauty and feel the wonder of God's creation and to do it together ...

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Just Jesus

by Michelle Welch

“But, really, all Christianity offers is Jesus Christ the Lord, and Him alone–
for He is enough! Your relation to Jesus Christ
is really the all-important matter in this life.”
A. W. Tozer

I must admit that, before I started Theology classes at Liberty University, I held a dim view of theologians. They seemed to be a dusty, old, out of touch group of men from a time that held no relevance to me. What could they possibly know about life now, in this age, with the current problems that face us? It was, as I came to find out, a short sighted, incorrect view of some of God’s most willing and able disciples.

I recently received Jesus by A. W. Tozer from Moody Publishing. You can imagine my thoughts (insert teenage type eye roll here) as I opened the box and pulled out the simple, unadorned book by someone who was high on ...

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The Broken Way Giveaway

The Lord is near the brokenhearted; He saves those crushed in spirit."
Psalm 34:18

In October, sweetheart and I went to Israel. It was a life changing trip, filled with all the emotions one would expect from a trip to the land where Jesus was born, lived, died, and rose again to save us all. From the moment we landed to the last tearful goodbyes, it was such a time of sweet surrender and open hearted conversations. God was gracious and His Holy Spirit met me in the most surprising places. There are few events in my life that equal my time in the Holy Land.

I went into this trip with no expectations other than to try to fill myself up with His love and mercy. I have been in such a season of brokenness. This year was one of the hardest ones I have lived in my 56 years. I keenly felt ...

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Because He Loves Us

Because He Loves Us

By Michelle Welch

Now the birth of Jesus Christ was as follows: when His mother Mary had been betrothed to Joseph, before they came together she was found to be with child by [the power of] the Holy Spirit. And Joseph her [promised] husband, being a just and righteous man and not wanting to expose her publicly to shame, planned to send her away and divorce her quietly. But after he had considered this, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream, saying, “Joseph, descendant of David, do not be afraid to take Mary as your wife, for the Child who has been conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit. She will give birth to a Son, and you shall name Him Jesus (The Lord is salvation), for He will save His people from their sins.” All this happened in order to fulfill what the Lord had spoken through the prophet [Isaiah]: “Behold, the virgin ...

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Lesson from the Amazon Part 10

Lost Flights and Found Blessings
by Kelly Moore

After the 13 hour fast boat adventure I spoke about in yesterday’s post we arrived in Tabatinga. We knew it was going to be a tight schedule to get to our plane but had no idea it would be this close. Our luggage was practically thrown from the boat onto the dock as we ran up the hill to catch the taxis that were waiting. You see, there is only one flight out of Tabatinga each day and we had to get there! When we arrived at the airport the plane was still at the gate but there were only 30 minutes before departure time. The man responsible for the ticketing and boarding of this flight never changed his expression or demeanor as he calmly told us we were too late to go through the security process and refused to even attempt to get us on the plane. No amount of ...

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