Jenny’s Speaking Topics

Average Women, Amazing Faith:
When Godly Women Make Big Mistakes- Bathsheba’s Story

We will all make mistakes. It is a part of being human. But by God’s grace, things can be made right. Not only that, but God can miraculously turn our mistakes into something beautiful.

Although she suffered great emotional pain, God recognized Bathsheba’s  heart and placed her and her son in a place of honor. Bathsheba’s amazing faith would touch lives for many generations.

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired: How to Break the Chains That Hold You Back!

Regain your purpose and fulfillment by discussing five attitudes and beliefs that rob personal joy and keep us stuck in the land of mediocrity.  Learn key factors to eliminate critical energy busters that tend to keep you sick and tired.

Take Off Your Mask and Shed Your Cape:
Exchange Futile Attempts of Perfection for Confidence in a Christ

We all possess old, tired, and unflattering wardrobe.. Although some of our attire is not visible to the world. Experience freedom in Christ when we shed the rags of guilt, shame, and fear and choose to clothe ourselves in the full armor of God.

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