Michelle’s Speaking Topics

Refining The Gold Within

A journey through the process of purifying and refining ourselves so that we are pleasing to Him. Refinement may be painful. Fire burns. Change can hurt. But when we come through it, we are made new, bright and shiny, free from impurities, ready to bring Him honor and glory.

Hannah’s Prayer

A walk through one of the most powerful prayers in the Bible. Through Hannah, the mother of Samuel,we can learn much about praying with the right motives. After stripping away all of our impure motives and unrighteous desires, our prayers can become pure and pleasing to Him. Learn how to pour out our soul to God and not seek our satisfaction in what the world says we should do.

Deserts And Desserts

Finding joy in the dry, difficult places in life. Never forgetting that at the end of our journey is a feast at the table of our Father in a mansion in Heaven He has prepared just for us. Finding God at 50 gave me years and years of walking in the sand. It is never too late to meet God for the first time especially if it’s over coffee and dessert!

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