Prayer Request

by Aunt Jenny

Uncle Dale and Megan
Uncle Dale and Megan

My twenty-six year old niece, Megan Stewart, wrote the following to inform her friends and co-workers about her condition:

“Good morning everyone,
Thank you for the prayers and concern regarding my leg. I had my doctor’s appointment yesterday morning and did not receive good news. The tumor in my leg is cancerous they just don’t know what kind yet. The MRI shows that the tumor started in my shin bone and has eroded its way out and is now attacking my muscle. I am getting set up with an orthopedic oncologist here in San Antonio and will see him sometime next week and I am also going to see an orthopedic oncologist at MD Anderson. The first step is to do a biopsy and determine what type of cancer I have and then do a PET Scan to make sure there are no lesions on the rest of my body. I will let you know when I receive more information.”

Note to our readers:
Megan is approaching this with a positive attitude and would appreciate all the prayers from everyone who reads this.

Her initial appointment at MD Anderson in Houston is at 9:30a.m. on Monday, July 16th. Thank you in advance for lifting my precious niece up in prayer.

God Bless you,

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