Overcoming the Overwhelming

by Dennis Ensor

Life’s daily struggles can overwhelm us if we aren’t prepared to take them on. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We can be bigger than the things that overwhelm us. I’ve tried to use four keys of understanding to keep my life moving forward in difficult times.

1. Relativity
I consider my problems in comparison to those being experienced by others in the world. For example, at this very moment, all over the world, children are spending their days toiling away in nasty, varmint-infested landfills, searching for anything which can be recycled (including scraps of food and drink). You can watch videos where people gather around garbage trucks in the same way that American shoppers gather around sales bins on “Black Friday,” hoping to find that special treasure.  When I think about the causes of my frustrations, they pale in comparison to what others face.

2. Resilience
We, as human beings, can withstand immeasurably much greater difficulties than we can even imagine.  As I see and read about what the Jews went through during the holocaust, it is mind boggling. If they could endure that, I can endure my struggles.

3. Understanding
M. Scott Peck’s book, The Road Less Travelled, begins by saying “Life is difficult.” In the book he makes the point that, if we expect our life to be easy, we are kidding ourselves. We will be easily frustrated. But if we expect life to be hard, obstacles lose their power over us. We have the power to work through difficult times without frustration. Let’s use that power.

4. Purpose
If I have a project or goal in mind, something I truly want to accomplish, then I’m naturally energized.  Before I know it I will find myself working toward that goal at 5:00 in the morning. I’m likely to be working on it at midnight as well. Projects energize us and help us break through barriers. A clear sense of purpose makes us unstoppable.

I’ve recently decided that I’m just going to work through whatever comes my way. I know that God has a purpose for me and will help prepare me for what he has in mind. May God bless you as you take on the day and make it wonderful.  Dennis

Copyright © 2012, Dennis Ensor, all rights reserved.  More from Dennis can be seen at www.muddypuddles.blog.com

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