Article by Dennis Ensor

I am blessed to be able to attend an awesome little church, “Outreach church,” in Central Texas. We average just under sixty-five in attendance each week. We have been blessed in that the Lord has made available to us an awesome little quaint church building that is over a century old, built in 1902. (It comes complete with the creaking wood floors and amazing acoustics for a great song service each week.) And, true to the name, we truly are a church that reaches out, both locally and worldwide, to make a difference in the lives of people.

Our most ambitious ministry is called “THE GOOD NEWS book ministry.” In May of 2012, we wrote and started publishing a little book, “THE GOOD NEWS FROM GOD: A Fresh Perspective on Christianity, The Bible, Church and Life,” to reach out to the lost. We liked it enough that we decided to take it on as a ministry, to make this book available, free of charge, to anyone who asks (including you), as long as funds are available. We are now three weeks away from the one year anniversary of our first little order of ten books. It appears likely that we will have ordered/distributed an amazing 15,000 copies by that date. WOW!!! Praise God! And the demand is growing as word gets out.

Not only have we distributed a lot of books, but we’ve expanded the reach with several translations. It has now been translated into Spanish (LAS BUENAS NUEVAS DE DIOS), Chinese, and, by the end of this week, we should have it available in Arabic. Also in the works are Telugu (India), Khmer (Cambodia) and Swahili (Africa) among others. Praise God!

It is also available electronically in ENGLISH (, SPANISH (, CHINESE ( and ARABIC (

You can order your free book(s) by contacting us a Leave your name, mailing address, quantity you would like and translation (English will be sent unless you specify otherwise). You are guaranteed to be blessed by this book, and it will be a great tool for you to easily reach out with the Good News to others in your world.

God bless! Dennis Ensor (


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