Seated at His Feet

by Michelle Welch

“She had a sister called Mary, who sat at the Lord’s feet listening to what He said.”   
Luke 10:39 (NIV)

20130811_01As I sat outside this morning, alone with my thoughts, surrounded by my birds, my dogs, my books, and my little world, God whispered to me that I keep trying to be everywhere but where I need to be. At the feet of His Son. For a very long time, I have felt that I have to go somewhere to find Christ. He must be at church, at an event, at a concert, at a Bible Study, at a conference. Worship always happened at church, surrounded by rules, preaching, guilt. God worked His mysteries in someone else’s life, which they then wrote down and passed on to those of us who can’t get it right. Or so I have been misled to believe. Today I learned that He will work His mysteries in everyone’s life if we just sit at His feet.

20130811_02As I have immersed myself in the study of the first four gospels (the life of Jesus), my Abba has been teaching me that Christ didn’t work His greatest miracles in churches. He didn’t do His teaching in a big, sacred place full of special people who had been called to be the only ones worthy of Him. He didn’t reach out to the local “preachers”.  Christ healed a prostitute in the dirty street where she worked. He sat with friends in their living rooms, leading them to learn more about God. He sat with the scum of the earth, having dinner, laughing and talking with them. He sought out individual people, the broken, the diseased, the disfigured both in mind and body. He taught huge crowds while sitting on the grass of a hillside. Outdoors. In the heat and cold. Covered in dirt and dust. Dressed in casual clothes.

This morning, in all His infinite wisdom, He taught me that. Christ wants to meet me here. He wants to walk into my life, into my house, into my backyard. He doesn’t want me to clean things up first. He wants me to invite Him in and then sit at His feet, hearing His thoughts, reading together, talking about all things with Him first. 1 Corinthians 14:40 reminds me that “everything should be done in a fitting and orderly way.” Once again I have tried to outrun God’s plans for me. Yes, I have no doubt He wants me to speak, to write, to travel, to volunteer. But in His time frame, not mine. Right now He wants me to simply sit at His feet and let His mercy rain over my soul, covering me with His grace. Yes Lord. Yes.

Copyright © Michelle Welch 2013, team member of Breath Of Life Women’s Ministries.
Photography by Michelle Welch, all rights reserved. Holy Bible, New International Version®, NIV® Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica, Inc.® Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide.

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