Yancy Give-Away

“Thank God! Call out his Name! Tell the whole world who he is and what he’s done!
Sing to him! Play songs for him! Broadcast all his wonders! Revel in his holy Name,
God-seekers, be jubilant!”
1 Chronicles 16:8 (The Message)

20131021_01-declareconference 156a

Yancy in concert

Back in August, we had a fantastic opportunity to attend The Declare Conference. (http://www.declareconference.com/) A two day event held annually in the Dallas, TX area, it brings together publishers, authors, and bloggers from all over the country. From early in the morning (and I do mean early) until way past our bedtime, we attended as many sessions as we could.

On the first evening we attended a late night meet and greet session attended by many of the vendors. (Of course we should be totally honest here and tell you that it was also hosted by Nothing Bundt Cakes http://www.nothingbundtcakes.com/ which of course in no way influenced our choice to stay up 2 hours past our bedtime)

20131021_02-declareconference 165a

Michelle, Yancy, and Freida

To jump start the session a young woman with a pink guitar and wild, pink streaked hair headed up to the front of the room. Within moments the entire group of us were clapping and singing along.

Her name is Yancy and her website is http://www.yancynotnancy.com. Her music is amazingly diverse with everything from toddler songs that teach children about God’s love to beautiful ballads that bring the Holy Spirit raining down. (She co-wrote “I Don’t Want To Go” with Avalon and “Something Beautiful” with Jaci Velesquez.)

20131021_03-declareconference 079aYancy’s music has been such a gift to each of us on the team. From time with our grandkids dancing to the “Little Praise Party” (http://www.yancynotnancy.com/product/little-praise-party-happy-day-everyday-dvd-for-homes-and-families/) to singing along with “Roots For The Journey” http://www.yancynotnancy.com/product/roots-for-the-journey-cd/ to devotional time with a preteen using “Rock-N-Happy Heart” http://www.yancynotnancy.com/product/rock-n-happy-heart-devotional-combo/, we can honestly say that there is something for everyone from this beautiful, talented daughter of God.

At each conference that we attend, we always seem to meet someone who changes our lives in a profound way. At this conference we would have to say that meeting Yancy was by far one of our favorite moments.

Michelle, Jenny, and Freida at Declare Conference

Michelle, Jenny, and Freida at Declare Conference

We are excited to have some extra CD’s to share with some of our readers! To be entered you only need to be a subscriber to the blog or a friend on our Facebook page. How simple is that!! (We will send an email or Facebook message to the winners by 10/25/2013.)

Dearest Father God, thank You for giving the gift of music to Yancy. We pray for her family and her endeavors as she steps out in faith for You. Thank You for her generosity, both in her music and in her giving. We pray that we might use every opportunity to sing our praises to You. We pray for songs of praise to be on our lips as we go about our day, especially around our children and grandchildren so that they might see and hear how much we love You. In the Name of Christ we pray, Amen

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