Stepping Stones

Article reposted from April 2012
By Michelle Welch

Psalm 16:2 “Every good thing I have comes from You.”

Have you ever had a period in your life where you feel like every day is a battle you must conquer? Where it seems like every plan you make gets hijacked by the immediate needs of someone else? Am I preaching to the choir here?

Lately, as I have struggled to come to grips with the changes in my life, I find myself losing great amounts of time. Not because I intend to. I certainly am not without a laundry list of things that need to be done. I intentionally sit down to create great blueprints and strategies only to see them go up in flames when I set out to accomplish things.

As I was explaining to the Lord why I still had not done what He asked me to do, I almost could see Him with His fingers in His ears going “blah, blah, blah.” Why on earth do I spend so much time making excuses and so little time actually just getting things done?

I even took a class on getting organized only to become lost in the process of trying to get organized. Perhaps it is just best that I realize that being organized just frustrates me. He made me, He loves me, and He doesn’t mind that I am disorganized as long as I get things done that He asks me to do.

Why do I constantly try to change into something I am not? I am a horrible housekeeper but I make a wicked meatloaf that even my picky grandson will eat. I always forget birthdays but I get smiles from my gift boxes and cards with funny sayings. I am usually a hot mess when it comes to fashion but I can rip out hurricane damaged sheet-rock without missing a beat.

What I see as obstacles, He sees as building blocks. What I see as a mountain, He sees as the place where I can survey His wonders. Where I see rivers I can’t cross, He sees life giving water for many people downstream. What I see as an empty vessel, He sees as an opportunity to plant something.

Every day He gives me a new story to tell. Every chaotic moment, every crazy activity, every time I fall flat on my face and get back up is just another stepping stone to reach the other side of this life He has given me. I need to stop spending time trying to find time. Ecclesiastes 3:1 reminds me that “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.”

Dearest Father, Thank You for another day to spend doing Your will. Thank You for giving me stepping stones to cross over the obstacles. Thank You for letting me climb to the top of the mountain. Forgive me for my headstrong nature and my desire to put my plans in place of Yours. You are always gracious and full of mercy as You grant me grace once again. Please let me put on Your armor and not my own as I go about my day. In the name of Christ Jesus, my Brother, Amen

Copyright © 2012 Michelle Welch, photography by Michelle Welch, all rights reserved, Bible Scriptures from NIV and NLT.

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