The One Next Step

By Rachel Latham

20140201_02aI have an idea of how my next article or blog post should be, and I am frustrated that the words seem slow to come. In my mind I can see what I want for the end result and fumble my way to get there.

In fact, I could over-analyze so much, that nothing could get written or posted. I could end the day just beating myself up mentally for not reaching my goals.

This was all running through my mind today, and I realized it could apply to anything, not just writing. We care so much, want so much for something to be just right, that we confuse our desire for the end result with the messy steps that lead there.

Crafting a well-written article takes time and attention. It is never done in a single draft.

Building a writing platform starts with authenticity and words, one reader at a time.

Losing weight consists of small daily choices, consistently, one pound at a time.

Learning a new skill means trial and error, persistence, and an eye on the end goal.

Getting out of debt means consistent sacrifice and discipline.

Our desire to have the end result without the courage to take the steps to get there will leave us stuck. Stuck where we are, beating ourselves up over our lack of success.

So, what if instead we just showed up and did the work? What if we just focused on that one next step towards our goal?

I may not be able to control the outcome of everything I work at, but I have much more control than I give myself credit for. The key may just be in looking at that next step instead of expecting instant results.

So, let’s pick up the pen, lace up the sneakers, pay that bill…and take just the one next step.

Rachel Latham makes her home in Bon Aqua, Tennessee with her husband Ken and four children. Rachel is a contributing author to Faith Deployed Again and she is regular contributor to several military magazines, including Foundations, GX: Guard Experience, Wheels Up, Homefront, and Mission Ready magazines. Rachel specializes in issues relating to the military family, particularly issues regarding PTSD and TBI.

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Copyright © 2014, Rachel Latham, all rights reserved, Reprinted with written consent of Rachel Latham. Image taken from Pinterest.

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