Lessons from Life

by Jenny Harrison

20140219_01People never do things for your reasons, they do things for their reasons. It’s not personal!

When taking an honest look at yourself, you will see characteristics that drive you crazy in others.

No matter how good the preacher is on Sunday morning, he cannot compete with the entertainment and charm of the sweet child sitting in the row in front of you.

One can spend a lifetime perfecting a skill, but there will always be someone who can out-perform you. This truth can either discourage or motivate.

Surround yourself with individuals who have talents you do not possess. It is the only way you will avoid mediocrity.

The mind cannot absorb what the seat cannot endure.

The dripping sink sounds like Niagara Falls at bedtime.

When communicating frustration with others, label the behavior not the person.

20140219_02Don’t fret when you realize your children are actually smarter than you—there comes a time when they don’t need your intellect as much as they need your wisdom.

It’s okay not to have the answer. It is possible to live your whole life and not know why.

You have the right to not be liked by everybody.

When miles or circumstances temporarily separate, it is a special friendship that can pick up where it left off.

Allow others the blessing of serving you. It is important to be a gracious receiver.

It is possible to have talent in a specific area or skill and not enjoy it. Pursuing this area will leave you resentful and stuck.

It’s a small world. No matter how far away you travel, chances are you will meet someone who has a connection to you.

Cooking 101. If you throw a cooked noodle on the wall and it sticks, it is done.

Dried noodles on a wall make a great conversation piece.

If you have to ask if it is the right thing to do, it probably isn’t.

When others seek advice, they usually already know the answer.

Everyone has the right to be angry, but no one has the right to destroy another human being in that anger.

20140219_03aYou can drive like a maniac leaving several drivers in your dust, and they will pull in to the convenience store 15 seconds after you. Every time!

One who builds a house AND a home makes a wise investment.

You must be willing to lose control before you can gain control.

Beating yourself up for past mistakes is a waste of precious time. Learn the lesson and move forward.

Beware of negative self-talk—it breeds emotions of fear, doubt, and regret.

And finally—trials and tribulations in this world may be bigger than us but they are never bigger than our Lord and Savior.

Copyright © 2014, Jenny Harrison, all rights reserved, Breath of Life Women’s Ministries. Images taken from Pinterest.

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