Sitting With Uncomfortable

By Rachel Latham


Today I am practicing allowing the anxiety that I am feeling to rise to the surface. Not burying it but feeling the pit in my stomach, the shakiness, the rise in heart rate. I am practicing giving it a name, feeling it and then…

asking Jesus to carry it, to show me, to calm me.

And guess what?

It works.

It take the power away from the devil- who would love to see me spin into a ball of anxiety- and it takes a step towards faith, to seeking a holy perspective and to remembering there is much that I cannot control.

I don’t always do this well. More often than not I deny what I am feeling, because it isn’t pretty, or what I want to be feeling…but the thing is, we don’t get to choose our feelings. They just are. We can choose, however, what we do with them. In that little space, in that moment of time, we can choose our response.

So, today I am just going with what is and asking Jesus to show me what to do with it all.

I read this recently in my friend Emily Freeman’s book, Simply Tuesday:

“….but intentionally sitting down with the reality of the moment and refusing to talk myself out of it can bring quiet discovery of what I long for, what I fear, and where my hope burns most bright.”

it is a good reminder to me, and maybe for you too.

Rachel Latham makes her home in Bon Aqua, Tennessee with her husband Ken and four children. Rachel is a contributing author to Faith Deployed Again and she is regular contributor to several military magazines, including Foundations, GX: Guard Experience, Wheels Up, Homefront, and Mission Ready magazines. Rachel specializes in issues relating to the military family, particularly issues regarding PTSD and TBI.

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Copyright © 2015, Rachel Latham, all rights reserved, Reprinted with written consent of Rachel Latham. Image taken from Pinterest.

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