The Empty Chair

by Freida Harrison

At times, the fog of grief is thick with long, frightening fingers tightening around my throat choking the breath from me. Then prayers intercede, and the foggy mist thins a bit allowing a few rays of sun to sneak into my heart shedding God’s light on the garden of sweet memories planted there, bringing joy, peace, and comfort. ~~~Freida Harrison

20151225_01Many friends and relatives are experiencing the Christmas Holiday season for the first time without loved ones who have passed on to be with the Lord. This time can be very difficult especially because it is the first Christmas without the one we loved so dearly. We look over and see the empty chair, and our hearts hurt. Even though we know they are in a better place, we miss them and feel sad that they are not with us. This can be true even if it’s not our first holiday without them.

I know the feeling. This is my first Christmas without my mother, and the sadness is smothering at times. However, I have many friends who are praying for me, and I feel a softness in my heart as God answers those prayers.

Please know that my prayers are with each and every one of you asking God to send the peace, comfort, and joy that only He can give. May your hearts be filled with sweet memories of your loved one as you go through this holiday season.

Copyright © 2015, Freida Harrison, all rights reserved, Breath of Life Women’s Ministries. Image from Pinterest.

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