Lessons from the Amazon-Part 3

Paving the Way

by Kelly Moore

20160612_01Being in a boat on the Amazon River is an amazing place to be. It’s peaceful and calm, aside from the occasional rain storm or floating log. Mile after mile of water and jungle.

The bank is spotted with one or two room houses. Some are built on stilts and some are built on floating log rafts to accommodate the rising water of the rainy season. Faces of beautiful families come to the doors and window openings. Sometimes they smile and wave. Souls that more than likely do not know Christ. Some who have never even heard the name of Jesus. Families that love each other and that face countless dangers every day, either from the jungle or the water.

20160612_02In my own dramatic imagination I picture myself jumping from the boat and swimming to shore. I see myself sharing love and sharing Jesus, hugging and crying and laughing and sharing salvation and eternity. But, of course, that does not happen. For one thing, I value my life and prefer not to be piranha bait. And more important, that is not my purpose on this trip. My purpose is a paver of the way, a provider, a catalyst. The job of this mission team is to help pay to move the boat to a location that will be used by other missionaries that are coming in just a matter of days to share the love of Jesus. These ministry partners will do the loving and sharing, the laughing and hugging and crying. But we will all share eternity.

20160612_03So, as we travel and pass by these beautiful families, I thank God for the opportunity to be a part of the journey. I will be the best “paver of the way” that I can be. I will pray fervently for every soul that I see on the bank that somehow, someday, someone will find them that will give them the gift of Christ. I will also pray that, when it is my turn to get out of the boat, I will step out boldly and share with all my heart and soul.

And now the Holy Spirit drives a point home to me. I don’t have to be on the Amazon to get out of the boat. There are people in my neighborhood, beautiful families in my community that need the gift of Jesus Christ.

Each of us has a job to do for the kingdom of God. What about you? Are you doing the job that God has called you to do with all your heart and soul? Define you current purpose for the kingdom and give it your very best. Always be willing to give an answer for your faith.

Copyright ©2016, Kelly Moore, all rights reserved, Reprinted with permission from the author. Photos courtesy of Kelly Moore. All rights reserved.

Kelly is a follower of Christ, wife, mom, teacher, musician, and artist. She is an observer of people and nature and is working on how to truly “live love”. She talks to birds and butterflies, and has been known to rescue baby snakes. She loves to get her hands dirty in the flower garden, and can lay on the sidewalk at night and watch the moon and stars for hours. Kelly just loves living!

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