Lessons from the Amazon Part 5

Who Needs Jesus?

by Kelly Moore

20160624_01Day after day on the Amazon we have passed by house after house filled with precious families. We have seen them smile and wave. We have had a little peek into life on the Amazon as we watched them playing soccer, washing clothes, fishing, farming, harvesting….just living. Their belongings are scarce, the dangers are great. The river is their lifeline although it holds disease and other unseen dangers. The land brings their sustenance as they live off what they can grow and what they catch in the river.

20160624_02Villages and tribes work their way back into the jungle; some having never seen outside visitors. Their belief systems vary. There is spirit worship and animal worship and other unknown and strange practices. Isn’t it amazing that even the people most far removed from civilization have a primal instinct that something is to be worshiped? I heard a team member yesterday say that one of the ways they begin the conversation about Christ and salvation is to explain that the God we worship created all the things they worship. It is a beautiful and basic place to begin the conversation.

20160624_03If you are a Christian, all people, family, neighbors, friends, acquaintances, even enemies near and far need what you have. What was freely offered to you through grace must be freely shared in love. To have the greatest gift of all time – the knowledge of the saving grace of Jesus Christ – and not share it is beyond reason. The love of your Savior doesn’t diminish when you give it away, it multiplies.

Who do we know that needs salvation through Jesus? If we can’t think of a name then we are not seeing through the eyes of Jesus. We are limiting our world to only believers and letting the rest of the world die in sin.

20160624_04If we do not share the gospel it is like standing in front of a starving child and refusing to give water and food. We would never, ever do that to a child physically but we do this to people spiritually every day.

I am mortified to think of the people God has placed in my path that still do not know the love of Jesus because I withheld my gift of life from them. I was too busy, too tired, too distracted, too scared of rejection, or just too self serving to reach out and to offer it.

Who needs Jesus? The world…..all of us.

Who’s job is it to share the gospel? It is ours!

Copyright ©2016, Kelly Moore, all rights reserved, Reprinted with permission from the author. Photos courtesy of Kelly Moore. All rights reserved.

Kelly is a follower of Christ, wife, mom, teacher, musician, and artist. She is an observer of people and nature and is working on how to truly “live love”. She talks to birds and butterflies, and has been known to rescue baby snakes. She loves to get her hands dirty in the flower garden, and can lay on the sidewalk at night and watch the moon and stars for hours. Kelly just loves living!

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