The Importance of Small

by Rachel Latham

The expectations are so high sometimes.

20140324_01For writers, it’s all about creating a platform and there is pressure to be in all of the places- Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.  Pressure to build a following, to create content that is strong enough to compete in a world pressed for time and attention.

For mothers, it is the five thousand decisions that go into a day and the internal struggle of a mother’s heart to protect versus the knowledge of building children that are strong enough to face this world with confidence.

And for all of us- in this media saturated world of clicks and notifications, for 24 hour response, there seems to be less time to just be. To do important small things and to do them well. With no notification and no acknowledgement. No status update, or picture clicked.

To write to reach the one, not the many. To reach the one person who is struggling with just a few words of encouragement.

To put the world aside and listen to the heart of your child. Not the words, or the actions, but the heart  of what they are trying to share. Maybe it isn’t so much what they did at school today, but that we are willing to take the time to listen and see the perspective of their world through their eyes.

I find myself slowly coming to a point where I see this busy media-driven world becoming our validation. We need (insert magic number) followers before publishers will consider us, we need to do XYZ for our kids to grow up well.. We want clicks and likes and shares.

20140324_02We do all of that and we forget that it is not always the big things, but the small things that matter.  We just might make ourselves crazy in the effort to be all things to the world.

So, today I am just thinking about small. Reaching the one person. Offering my attention to the people that will cross my path today. Writing the words. Loving my husband and my children with my attention being fully present. There won’t be a status update, or likes, or shares. I think small may actually be big.

Have a blessed day friends~

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