Word Hugs

by Freida Harrison

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.”
~~ Mother Teresa

When asked what I want for my birthday, I’ve often answered, “Kind words and hugs.” To me, they go hand in hand. I think of kind, verbal expressions as “word hugs”—those sweetly spoken words that hug the heart and make us feel loved, appreciated, accepted, worthy, and needed.… Read the rest...

The Master Gardener

A Reposted Article by Freida Harrison

“Cultivate the garden within.”

Spring is a time of awakening. With eager eyes, we see the sleeping earth return to life. The grass turns glorious green, leaves fill the branches of trees, butterflies begin to flutter in the breeze, birds sing as they build their nests, and wild flowers begin to bloom in the fields.… Read the rest...

The Road of Choice

by Freida Harrison

20140114_01aI remember sitting in my high school English class listening to our teacher read aloud the poem, “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost. Frost painted a beautiful picture of walking in a yellow wood and coming to a place where the road diverged into two roads. One road was a bit more beaten down and had experienced more travelers, while the other road was grassy and wanted some wear because fewer people had journeyed on it.… Read the rest...

Thanksgiving Message From Freida

I am Freida Harrison, the oldest of the group, but not necessarily the wisest! It is an honor to be called “friend” by Jenny and Michelle—two sweet ladies with wonderful hearts who love our Savior and radiate a beautiful light for Him. Our journey has been an amazing one. God has blessed us beyond words with this exciting ministry of reaching out to others with encouragement and faith.… Read the rest...

Untangle Me Lord

by Freida Harrison

20130918_01aI was a soggy, limp noodle. Perspiration was dripping from me like I had been caught in a quick rain shower. At that moment, standing in a downpour would have felt refreshing. My arms were trembling with exhaustion from holding the heavy hedge clippers while I had trimmed all the higher-than-my-head Abelia shrubs in our flower bed. The hot, humid Texas heat had taken it’s toll on me, and my muscles were screaming to get inside the house where it was cool and comfortable.… Read the rest...

The Wonder of a Child

by Freida Harrison

“Life has loveliness to sell, all beautiful and splendid things, blue waves whitened on a cliff, soaring fire that sways and sings, and children’s faces looking up, holding wonder like a cup.”    
~~quote from the poem “Barter” by Sara Teasdale (emphasis mine)

20130814_01aWhile on a nature walk out in the country, I was carrying my fourteen-month-old granddaughter, Hallie Mae, as my family and I walked across the dirt and grass toward the pathway that led down to the water.… Read the rest...

A Moment to Remember

This is a repost from April, 2012:
by Freida Harrison

“Before me, even as behind, God is and all is well.”
~~John Greenleaf Whittier

There was an extraordinary feeling in the early morning sunshine. As I walked in the peaceful country setting, God’s presence was evident as far as the eye could see. Bees buzzed around blossoms, and butterflies fluttered and danced around flowers, each searching for nectar to drink.… Read the rest...

Little Things

by Freida Harrison

“Sometimes when I consider what tremendous consequences come from little things — a chance word, a tap on the shoulder, or a penny dropped on a newsstand — I am tempted to think…there are no little things.”
~~ Bruce Barton

At the age of ten, my daddy dashed from his small schoolroom and ran full speed across the large country field toward his house.… Read the rest...

Pop’s Faith

by Freida Harrison

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.
Colossians 3:23  (NIV84)

Watching through the eyes of a young girl around the age of thirteen, I noticed the furrowed brows and heard concern in my daddy’s voice as he spoke with a representative from the horticulture department of Texas A & M University.… Read the rest...

The One Candle

by Freida Harrison

02172013_01aThe atmosphere beckoned for something to chase away the chill and provide a cozy feeling that was lacking. A fire in the fireplace would make the room too warm, but candlelight would be the perfect solution for that cool, rainy winter evening. I located my favorite bronze tea-light holder, placed it on the hearth, and lit the eight small candles.… Read the rest...