Are You a Heart Breaker Belly Acher?

A reposted article
by Dennis Ensor

02122013_01aWhen a young friend of mine came home from a mission trip in a third world country, she walked into a room where her sister was in the process of severely scolding their mother for buying the wrong brand of designer socks. That conversation would not have seemed too unreasonable a few weeks earlier. But spending a week interacting with dozens of hungry, half-naked children, who are pretty much trapped in abject poverty for life has a tendency to change one’s perspective about such things.… Read the rest...

White Marble

A special request to our readers and prayer warriors:

The Breath of Life team is asking for prayers for someone very special to us. Dennis Ensor, who is our dear friend, a great supporter of Breath of Life Women’s Ministries, and one of our guest writers has a brain tumor and is scheduled for surgery on February 11th. Please join us in praying for Dennis.… Read the rest...

A Heart of Thanks

A reposted article
By Chassidy Carroll

20131127_01aWhile the wind howls in my window tonight, I’m thinking about a sweet old man who eats at the Salvation Army.

His normal toothless smile faded earlier today when someone mentioned the weather. “I’m not looking forward to the cold.” His quiet words reflected on many of the dear faces in line and my heart sank as I spooned some extra rice onto his plate.… Read the rest...

Reality Check

A previously posted article
Dennis Ensor

We studied the 88th Psalm in our local Bible class last Sunday morning. It doesn’t take a genius to know that the writer was having a really bad day when he penned the words you find there. Listen to his weary cry of despair.

1 GOD, you’re my last chance of the day. I spend the night on my knees before you.Read the rest...

The Call Of An Empty Boat

Thank you to one of our guest writers, Rachel Latham, for sharing her thoughts on what Christ needs us to bring to Him. Rachel lives in Tennessee with her husband and their 4 children. Her heart for God is evident in everything she writes.

The Call Of An Empty Boat

20140903_01aSometimes I need a lot of repetition in order for me to truly hear something.… Read the rest...

Dangerous Ground

by Julie Gillies

20140727_01We’ve all done it: compared ourselves to others. Whether we compare our bodies, our families, our jobs, our callings, or where we are on the journey, the temptation can be so subtle we barely recognize it. But it’s dangerous ground we would be wise to avoid.

Comparing ourselves to others does a lot of things–none of them good:

It creates pressure – When I read certain writers whose flowing, beautiful words evoke deep passion, sometimes I’m tempted to try to emulate their style.… Read the rest...

My Letter to the Hurting

by Sarah Malcangi

Dearest Friend,

I know you are going through a hard time. I just want to take this moment and encourage you to embrace how you are feeling and not to bury it deep in your heart. Your heart is meant to experience things that your mind may try to avoid. Life is not fair sometimes and it is okay to admit that it is not what you expected.… Read the rest...

Yep, I’m Going to Counseling

We are honored that Holley Gerth, author and cofounder of (in)courage, graciously accepted our invitation to share her thoughts on the importance of reaching out in times of need. Thank you Holley for your ongoing ministry dedicated to healing hearts and strengthening relationships with Christ.

Yep, I’m Going to Counseling

By Holley Gerth

I lean forward on the comfy couch and share what’s been going on in my heart with my counselor.… Read the rest...

More Than Words

by Dennis Ensor

20140626_01aThere is always beauty around us. Even in our most dire moments, it is there. To see it we are often required to be very intentional, to filter out the garbage. It is subtle, subdued. But, I don’t want to focus on that kind of beauty right now—the kind of beauty we have to seek to find.

Instead, just for a moment, I want to dwell on beauty that is so unbelievably magnificent that it screams at the top of its lungs to the highest heavens, and we cannot help but stop to take it in.… Read the rest...