Lessons from the Amazon Part 1

We will be running a series of twelve inspirations by our precious friend and guest writer, Kelly Moore. Kelly and her husband recently joined a mission trip with Amazon Vision Ministries, an organization dedicated to taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to villages along the West Amazon River.

We know you will be blessed in a mighty way as Kelly shares her personal lessons from the Amazon.Read the rest...

Pure Joy

By Dennis Ensor

20160221_01aDennis Ensor has been one of our guest contributors through the years. His life took a pretty dramatic turn about a year ago when it was discovered he had a deadly brain tumor. What would seem like a tragedy for most people has turned into a mission of pure joy for Dennis as he tells of his journey with God and shares the unspeakable joy which he has experienced from the beginning.… Read the rest...

When it’s okay to live offended… and when it’s not

It is our privilege to present a guest post by our dear friend and Christian sister, Carey Scott.

With her newest release, Untangled: Let God Loosen the Knots of Insecurity in Your Life, Carey is helping women untangle their self-worth from the world and secure it in Jesus so they are free to live authentic lives… not perfect ones.

By Carey Scott


It’s so easy to live offended.… Read the rest...

The Joy of Christmas

By Kelly Moore

20151230_01aSo, what is it about Christmas that makes me love it so? Is it because I love getting presents? Is it because I love giving presents? Is it the cooler weather or the possibility of snow? Is it all the beautiful lights and decorations all over town? Is it the time spent with family and friends? Is it the story of baby Jesus?… Read the rest...

Sitting With Uncomfortable

By Rachel Latham


Today I am practicing allowing the anxiety that I am feeling to rise to the surface. Not burying it but feeling the pit in my stomach, the shakiness, the rise in heart rate. I am practicing giving it a name, feeling it and then…

asking Jesus to carry it, to show me, to calm me.

And guess what?… Read the rest...

More Than Words

A Reposted Article
Dennis Ensor

20140626_01aThere is always beauty around us. Even in our most dire moments, it is there. To see it we are often required to be very intentional, to filter out the garbage. It is subtle, subdued. But, I don’t want to focus on that kind of beauty right now—the kind of beauty we have to seek to find.… Read the rest...


By Kelly Moore

20150621_01aOne of my favorite things to do as a child was to crawl up on my Daddy’s lap and lay my head on his chest. He was a man of few words, gentle and compassionate. When I laid my head on his chest I could hear his heartbeat and feel his steady breathing. In those moments it felt like everything was right with the world.… Read the rest...

Military Life – PTSD: Our Story

A reposted article. We are sharing our friend Rachel’s post about how the war has affected her family. Please join us in remembering our heroes and their families today. We pray for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice and for those still struggling with the wounds of war. Please reach out to a military family and let them know you appreciate all that they do to keep us free.Read the rest...

Faith Through Love

By Dennis Ensor

The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.
Galatians 5:6b (NIV)

20150331_01Most of my life I have been a part of a church fellowship that focused a lot on the keeping of religious rules, and on condemning others who failed to keep those rules to the same standards that I kept them. I now know that I was wrong to do that.… Read the rest...

Outer Limits

By Lisa Buffaloe

Are our hopes too small, our dreams shallow, and our prayers limited and confined by our earthly ideas?

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” ~~ Matthew 19:26
“If you can?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for him who believes.” ~~ Mark 9:23

What if we truly believed?Read the rest...